Bret Radio Interview

Radio Resonance

We all know that supposedly video killed the radio star back in 1981 when MTV debuted. Today, companies and people often use video to tell their stories. However, radio and its modern on-demand version, podcasts, continue to deliver value for audiences across the globe. In fact, radio provides a more intimate experience than video, as it’s just you, your voice and your audience. When you tell your story through audio only, it’s important to slow down and describe your story carefully since you can’t use any visuals as support.


Recently, I had an opportunity to tell the Sales Resonance story on North Fulton Business RadioX. The conversation focused primarily on our Buyer Preference InsightsSM, which help B2B companies learn how their target customers buy their solutions. If you don’t align your marketing and sales programs with how your target buyers buy, then you will fail to generate as many qualified leads as you should, falling short of your revenue objectives.


Feel free to listen here (I’m the first person interviewed) and please let us know how we can help you learn more about how your buyers buy.